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Welded Pipe


Continuously Longitudinal Welded

A coil of stainless steel strip is fed into the tube mill. The strip passes through forming rolls which progressively form the material ready for welding. The welding process is then carried out, usually tungsten inert gas (TIG). The product passes under a sanding belt which removes the weld bead on the outside diameter. The product can then be subjected to the proper post-weld treatment to bring it to specification.

Fabricated Welded

This method utilises sheets or plates of the required thickness and developed width, to manufacture the pipe or tube. The plate is pressed into shape with a press brake, which is equipped with the appropriate tooling. Following the forming operation the product is fed through a series of rolls to ensure the correct cross sectional form during the welding operation which follows. After welding, the product can be subjected to the proper post-weld treatment required to bring it to specification.

Spirally Welded

Spirally welded tube is produced by driving coil strip from a de-coiler, through drive rollers, and into a cylindrical former (or shoe), at a pre-determined angle. The edges of the resulting "spring-like" profile are arc welded as they feed past a fixed welding torch. This process is particularly suitable for making large diameter tubes, with relatively thin wall thicknesses, to close tolerances of straightness and ovality.






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