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At Prochem, we believe in quality and integrity. For over 65 years Prochem has been working closely with industry to supply superior stainless steel piping products and instrumentation mechanical components. During this time we have developed ‘The Prochem Advantage’, which offers a comprehensive combination of business benefits adding value to our customers’ business at all times.



Prochem has spent over sixty years developing knowledge of a wide range of industrial applications for stainless steel pipe systems and fittings. Everything from wine and water to oil and corrosive chemicals safely through Prochem pipeline and products.


Our highly-trained and committed workforce represents an enormous wealth of experience in all aspects of pipeline technology across a vast range of industries. It allows us to find the most practical and efficient solutions to any pipeline problem.


Quality is paramount in everything we do from selecting raw materials and buying equipment, to employing the best people and testing products prior to release.
Prochem Pipeline Products is a Lloyd’s Register Certified company and is accredited to ISO 9001.


Over the years Prochem Pipeline Products has introduced new components, processes, technologies and services which have revolutionised the pipeline industry and brought major benefits to our customers.


Piping systems must perform complex and specific tasks. They have to be conceived, designed, built, amended, tested, proved and maintained. During the process, we become team members, working alongside our customers to ensure that every last piping and instrumentation product performs exactly as it should.


Prochem Pipeline Products stocks and manufactures an enormous range of pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, hoses, piping accessories and instrumentation mechanical components. There’s choice too when it comes to price. Prochem Piping Products can supply a huge range of premium products but also recognises the need for fit for purpose solutions.


Everybody wants value for money. At Prochem Pipeline Products you get much more than that. To us, value extends to quality of product, quality of service and to the added value that using our products will undoubtedly bring to your business. The company has been built on a series of values which have remained uncompromised for over sixty years.


Prochem manages the manufacture of an extensive range of special components for diverse industry sectors.
Products can be made from a broad range of materials including Duplex (S31803, S32750, S31254); High Temperature Alloys (304/304H, 321/321H, 347/347H. 310/310H, Inconel® 600/6001 and Incoloy® 800/800H); Corrosion Resistant Alloys (Monel® 400 & K500), Haselloy®, Titanium and many others.

Prochem products can be manufactured to customer specifications including NACE (Sour Gas specification) and AS2473 (Compressed Gas standard). All materials are fully certifiable and are tracable via heat number to the fittings produced using permanent marking.


Service – often above and beyond that associated with regular business arrangements – is at the very core of what Prochem stands for. Whether it’s providing a design team upfront, ensuring that installation takes place on time and complies with all relevant regulations, or following up with preventive maintenance and upgrades, you’ll discover that our reputation for excellent service is second to none.



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