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GYROLOK® Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings

Manufactured by HOKE, the GYROLOK® tube fittings have been used successfully since the 1960’s and are now available in many alloys including 316, 6MO (UNS S31254), Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Duplex, Super Duplex and Titanium.

GYROLOK® tube fittings are unique having eliminated the problems associated with traditional tube fittings through clever design enhancements to provide a wide range of outstanding leak-tight capabilities.

Pressure Rating

GYROLOK® fitting ends are rated for working pressures higher than the tubing recommended for use with GYROLOK® fittings. Tubing should not be utilised at pressures above its maximum allowable working pressures. Check the GYROLOK® Tubing Data Charts for specific information. If no pressure is identified for a given size and wall thickness of tubing, that tubing is not considered suitable for use with tube fittings. Pressure ratings may vary for other fitting ends, such as NPT or O-ring seal.

Vacuum Rating 

GYROLOK® offers deep vacuum capability. With good quality tubing, GYROLOK® fittings will be leak-tight at vacuum levels at 10·9 torr while tested with a leakage sensitivity of 10·9 sccs.


GYROLOK® fittings provide safe, reliable performance from cryogenic temperatures to high temperature bake out levels, depending on material. 
• 316 Stainless Steel: -200 to 426°C (-325 to 800°F)
• Brass (copper tubing): -200 to 203°C (-325 to 400°F)
• Monel: -200 to 426°C (-325 to 800°F)
• Nylon: -53 to 65°C (-65 to 150°F)

Training and Engineering Support 

We can train every one of your trades people to make sure each understands how a GYROLOK® fitting functions. By teaching the proper tubing preparation and installation procedures, we ensure maximum product performance.
We take the time to assist our customers in finding the GYROLOK® fitting that is right for their specific needs. Contact Prochem for more of our informative support materials and catalogues.

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