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Indent and Project Services

Prochem offers a highly efficient international indenting facility as part of our suite of services.

Having defined the special material requirements of various industry sectors and identified the need to respond quickly to those requirements, we have developed the resources, network and expertise to bring these materials to clients quickly and efficiently.

Refineries and Power Generation are two major industries in which material selection is critical. In both cases, materials are subjected to very corrosive process media, high or fluctuating temperatures, and high pressures. While such hostile environments result in very high maintenance, the nature of the industries means downtime costs are very high. As a result, refinery and power personnel are under extreme pressure to bring their plants back on line in the shortest possible time.

Whether the job calls for a single Cr-Mo fitting, or a complete piping package in Duplex, your partners at Prochem are ready and able to help. With an international network of stockists and mills to back up our extensive Australian stocks, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.


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