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Anderson Greenwood

A Complete Range of Instrument Valve Solutions

Emerson is your best choice for Instrument Valves, Manifolds, and Instrument Enclosure Systems. TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation's full range of products are manufactured and built to perform. With decades of innovative engineering expertise, Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation is one of the world’s single sources for instrumentation products.

Built on a firm foundation of technical expertise in the 1950s, TESCOM Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation helped set the standard for instrumentation technology advancements in precision valves for the flourishing Aerospace Industry. This knowledge has continually expanded, culminating in the company’s present position of manufacturing the broadest range of instrument valve products available. TESCOM Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation serves many industries and applications.

In order to fulfil our continuing commitment of providing customers with complete product choices, we offer a comprehensive range of isolation valves (including root and gauge models), instrument manifolds (for pressure, level and flow measurement), and purpose-designed Instrument Enclosures.

Long being known as the industry leader, Anderson Greenwood manufacture the highest quality instrument valves and manifolds. Coupled with the primary isolation Keyblok and Monoflange valves, the range is comprehensive from take-off point to instrument.

The range includes

Anderson Greenwood is the industry leader in instrument valve technology and the original innovator of the 3-valve manifold. Capabilities come from over 50 years of research, design and manufacture of
instrumentation products. Products are designed to be maintenance free and are offered with numerous configurations, materials, end connections and special requirements.
Anderson Greenwood supply the ideal valve for each application, be it simple isolation or manifolds for pressure, flow and level measurement instruments.
In addition to its comprehensive range of standard valves and manifolds, Anderson Greenwood has also developed a number of products for primary isolation applications.
With Keyblok double block and bleed integral manifolds, Anderson Greenwood has overcome the weight and space restrictions associated with many of these traditional installations.
Continuing along the line of meeting space savings, the Monoflange manifold is designed to mount directly to process flanges, providing maximum safety and minimum vibration. The Monoflange also
combines compact design with easy access in the field since its versatile design allows for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Anderson Greenwood hand valve and gauge valves include multi-port and block and bleed styles suitable for gauge isolation, calibration and venting with a choice of either globe pattern or throughbore
designs. A wide choice of end connections and comprehensive range of standard gauge accessories allows complete flexibility for individual installations.


Materials: CS, SS, Duplex and other exotic alloys
Seats: Metal (globe and plug) Soft (globe and plug)
Orrifice Size: 1/8’ (3mm) to 5/8’ (16mm).
Pressure (max): 10,000 psig [690 barg]
Temperature (max): 1,000˚F [538˚C]



AGI Overview Prochem AGI Overview  

AGI Prochem Valves Actuator Overview

Tescom AGI Accumount Saddlemount


Tescom AGI Enclosures

Tescom AGI Gauge Valves

Bleed Tee  Ct7 Gauge Siphon

AGI Flow Check Adaptor  AGI HP Guage Adaptor

AGI M5A Multi Port Gauge Valves  AGI M5F Multi Port Gauge Valves

AGI M5-M51 Multi Port Gauge Valves  AGI M9 Block and Bleed Gauge Valves

AGI M25 Block and Bleed Gauge Valves

Tescom AGI Hand / Needle Valves

AGO Large Bore Hand Valve  

AGI-HM1C-Hand-Valves  AGI-HM25D-Hand-Valves



Tescom AGI Manifolds

AGI A22N 5 Valve Manifolds  AGI A26 5 Valve Manifolds

AGI A30 2 Valve Manifolds  AGI ADME Distribution Manifolds

AGI AX3 AX3T 3 Valve Manifolds  AGI DPM 5 Valve Manifold








Tescom AGI Modular Mounting Systems

  AGI AS4 TVIS 2_2 4 Valve Manifolds



Tescom AGI Primary Isolation Valves

 AGI F63-F64 Primary Isolation Keyblok Valves
AGI F68-F69 Primary Isolation Keyblok Valves  AGI H70W Primary Isolation Root Valves
AGI P63 Primary Isolation Valves

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