The Prochem Family

What we do and what we believe in.

Over our long and rich history, through commitment and embracing the latest technologies, Prochem has built an enviable reputation for assisting clients achieve their business needs through providing them with added value solutions for their pipeline and instrumentation applications.

Since Prochem first commenced operations in 1956, it has consistently placed the utmost importance on running itself like a family business, where individuals are cared for and their needs are met and nurtured.

Few organisations can claim such an enduring focus as that upheld at Prochem with dedication to providing outstanding employment conditions. Brian from Queensland sums up how he regards his longevity of service, of more than 20 years:

“The reasons I have stayed with Prochem for so many years are many, but one of the strongest influences for this decision is simply the people I work with, both within my branch and around the country. The support given to me by my colleagues and the management within Prochem is something I have not experienced in any previous work environment”.

We acknowledge that the company is only as good as the individuals working for the organisation. For this reason, there is a strong team culture, and a progressive and respectful attitude at Prochem.

Staff team members and management alike share a common drive for quality and integrity in all that we do, offering uncompromising standards of service.

In fact, Prochem is a Lloyd’s registered ISO 9001 company, and places immense importance in ensuring that the quality of service to its customers is maintained and value is added for their business needs. This is best achieved through a well skilled and balanced workforce.






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