Saflok Self-Locking Quick Coupler Range

Saflok Quick Coupler prevents accidental disconnection

Manufactured as per DIN 2828 and A-A-59326D specification with our patented safety locking cam arm, Saflok provides the best protection for the user and environment.


Safety is automatically provided

Saflok improves coupling safety in the transportation of high value and high-risk liquid chemicals. It prevents accidental disconnection or disaster that might occur due to the negligence of human operation or the accidental opening due to natural abrasion of the metal locking cam face.

Locks automatically when you close the arms

Close the Saflok quick coupler with one smooth motion – just like a regular quick coupling. It locks itself automatically and stays locked until you open it.

Virtually effortless

The Saflok coupler’s patented arms are closed and they lock themselves. You release the lock with an easy tug of the finger rings. Every time an operator opens or closes a Saflok coupler, time,effort, and safety concerns are reduced.

Less risk, less hassle

Operators will appreciate the Saflok coupler because its self-locking action reduces risk automatically. Operators will like it because it works just like a regular quick coupler – without possible hassles or problems.

Compatible with other quick couplings: A-A-59326D

Now available in all sizes from DN 15 (1/2″) to DN 100 (4″).


Saflok Group

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