Special Service

Cleaned for Industrial Oxygen Service Facilities

Capacity 550 mm (L) x 550 mm (B) x 500 mm (D) up to 85 kg. Standards Include

  • CGA-G4.1-2004 Cleaning Equipment for Oxygen Service
  • IGC Doc 33/06/E Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service
  • BOC Doc 50000810 Cleaning, Degreasing and Packaging of Equipment for Oxygen Service

Transmitter to Manifold Assembly, Leak Testing and Certification

Prochem supply the manifold and assemble to your chosen transmitter, perform leak tests and produce traceable certification for the assembly.

  • From small quantities through to large projects
  • Tagging facilities also available

Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing

  • Capability to Hydrostatically pressure test fittings and assemblies to 140,000 kPa (20,000 psi).
  • Capability to Pneumatically test fittings and assemblies to 6,895 kPa (1,000 psi).

PMI and 3rd party witness tests

  • Can be arranged for all materials and orders on request.
  • Full Documentation package on request.



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