Thread Tape

Teflon based Thread Tape is available from Prochem in Silver, Yellow and White.


Especially designed for use with Stainless Steel, the Silver Tape is impregnated with nickel powder which acts like bearing plates keeping the male and female surfaces from galling or cold welding together. Thicker and more dense than standard tapes, the Silver Tape ensures an effective seal.


With approval by major gas authorities, the Yellow Tape if used for sealing on gas applications. This tape has not been stretched during manufacture meaning it is less porus, less likely to shred or string and requires less tape to provide an effective seal.


Unasco Yellow Gas seal tape is approved by the following authorities:

American Gas Association
Australia Gas Association
Canadian Gas Association
Underwriters’ Laboratories
Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada


White Tape is used for domestic, air, water, hydraulic or low pressure applications.

Part Number Description
TH4S000 Silver Thread Tape – 12 mm Wide
TH4Y001 Yellow Thread Tape – 12 mm Wide
T3EU003 White Thread Tape – 12 mm Wide

Thread Paste

Loctite® 567™ PST® Thread Sealant is a general purpose instant sealer for tapered and straight/tapered fittings.

With excellent solvent resistance, it can prevent galling and withstand temperatures up to 204°C (400° F).Excellent for high pressure applications: locks and seals tapered metal, pipe threads and fittings. It is ideal for stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized metal and other inert metals. Disassembles with hand tools.

Part Number Description
56747 50ml Thread Sealant
White – 567 Loctite






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