Tube-Mac Non-welded
Flange Connections

37° Flare and Retain Ring

The standard connection styles offered conform to SAE/ISO flanges along with Tube-Mac® proprietary flanges. Other flange patterns may also be available.

There are two methods of attaching the flanges to the pipe

A) Flaring the pipe to 37˚

B) Grooving the pipe to accept a retain ring.

The determination of which method to use is based on pressure and flow requirements. The flared system being the most cost effective.

Normally the retain ring system is used for very high pressures and larger heavy wall pipe sizes.

The flanges on both methods can be rotated prior to bolting up thus eliminating the need to be concerned on which axis of the pipe the fitter aligns the flange holes.  It also allows at times the flange cap screws to be installed in more confined spaces.

Welding or threading of the flanges to the pipe is eliminated.

For further information on Tube-Mac’s non-welded flange connections, download our PDF here.

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