HOKE® Ball Valves DL & TL Series

Uni-directional, High Cycle, Zero Leak Ball Valves

HOKE® DL/TL ball valves are uni-directional, high cycle valves that exceed 100,000 cycles with zero seat leakage.* In applications where bi-directional flow is required, HOKE® T and D series valves exceed 50,000 cycles. HOKE® ball valves can be ordered in brass, 316 stainless steel or Monel® materials* with a manual handle as standard. Consult Prochem if other materials are required.

For remote actuation, factory assembled HOKE® Space Saver® Actuators are available. D, DL, T and TL series valves can be ordered with welded end fittings to prevent accidental disassembly or with gasketed end fittings, if valve rebuild becomes necessary.

* Depending on seat, seal and washer material selected. See full HOKE® Ball Valve catalogue
for ordering details.


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